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Luigi Baudana 2022 Langhe Bianco Dragon

Luigi Baudana 2022 Langhe Bianco Dragon

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Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Nascetta

Langhe Bianco

Dragon is a unique white blend from the Langhe,  born out of two dreams: to respect and carry on the legacy of Luigi Baudana’s vineyards and to offer a white wine that could be both easy and fun, and yet with a true complexity underneath. Originally produced by Luigi Baudana during the 1980s with Chardonnay and Sauvignon
blanc, it has evolved to embrace Nascetta, an exciting heirloom variety, and a tiny amount of Riesling.

This Chardonnay vineyard (with a touch of Sauvignon) is located mid-slope on the north-east shoulder of the famed Cerretta Piani terroir of Barolo.  A quirk of nature makes this plot cooler and suitable for white wine grapes.  The vines, now mature, are producing exciting results with wines showing aromatics of washed stone, wild flowers and green summer grass.  Aged on its lees in stainless steel vats, it retains crisp acidity while showing unctuous, almost buttery texture.  Long and fine, this is a very unique wine.

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