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Fumey-Chatelain 2020 Arbois Chardonnay

Fumey-Chatelain 2020 Arbois Chardonnay

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100% Chardonnay

Jura, France

Domaine Fumey-Chatelain is a family-run estate producing wines for several decades. They’re located in the heart of the Jura, with land that abuts Domaine de Pelican (an estate which has gained fame for two reasons: the first being that it was previously owned by Jacques Puffeney, godfather of the Jura; the second being that it is currently owned by Burgundy's Marquis d’Angerville).

Marin Fumey is the current winemaker (his father tends the vines and his mother takes care of sales), and though his roots are firmly planted in the Jura, he’s traveled extensively as a wandering wine professional, with stints in Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. All of this globetrotting has exposed Marin to new philosophies, practices and languages (he’s the rare Jurassien winemaker who is fluent in English); his goal now is to amplify his family’s efforts and make world class wine.

Where his father made just a handful of wines, Marin has expanded the Fumey-Chatelain range quite extensively, allowing him to put forth a variety of terroir expressions.

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