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Seehof 2020 Kirchspiel Trocken 375ml

Seehof 2020 Kirchspiel Trocken 375ml

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100% Riesling

Rheinhessen, Germany

Florian Fauth is one of a handful of producers with access to the Rheinhessen's best vineyards, including Morstein, Steingrube, Kirchspiel. The limestone-based soils of these now-famous vineyards require a delicate touch to calibrate the powerful fruit and searing acidity possible from these sites. These days, it is impossible to talk about Rheinhessen riesling without mentioning the name of Klaus Peter Keller, who, without exaggeration, put the region on the map a couple of decades ago. Keller’s neighbors, including Seehof, have of course benefitted from the positive attention paid to the area, but in no sense could one say that Seehof wines are simply riding Keller’s coattails. Florian Fauth has been part of the movement that has thrust these vineyards into the spotlight; he is, after all, brother-in-law to Klaus Peter Keller himself.

This half-bottle of single-vineyard dry riesling provides an accessible taste of one of the best-known sites of the Rheinhessen renaissance: Kirchspiel. Intensely mineral in character, with beautiful texture and balanced acidity: this is a serious riesling at an affordable price.

Sustainably grown, vegan



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