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Pasini San Giovanni 2021 "Il Chiaretto"

Pasini San Giovanni 2021 "Il Chiaretto"

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65% Groppello, 25% Marzemino, 10% Barbera and Sangiovese.

Sourced from estate vineyards in the hillier soils on the eastern side of Lake Garda. The soils here are finer and rockier and altitudes range from 150-300 meters. Chiaretto has long been the benchmark for rose in Italy. It was originally created in 1896 by a native of Provence who recognized the potential of the region to produce world-class rose. PSG’s method of producing Chiaretto is about as labor intensive as possible within the world of rose. Each grape is harvested separately at different times (all picked early for direct press) and given different amounts of time on the skins before being pressed off. Groppello, with its thin skins, is given a 18-22 hours on the skins. Marzemino, which has thicker, darker skins, is immediately pressed with no extra time on the skins. Sangiovese and Barbera are usually 4-8 hours. After pressing each grape is fermented separately in stainless steel and aged on the fine lees before bottling in early February of the following year.

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