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Domaine Pecheur Cotes du Jura 1998 Vin Jaune

Domaine Pecheur Cotes du Jura 1998 Vin Jaune

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100% Savagnin

Jura, France

Patricia and Christian Pecheur are located in the village of Darbonnay, and the domaine has been estate-bottling wines since 1976. Only a few parcels of old vine Savagnin from the east and west-facing, steeply sloped Mont Royal and Grand Vaux parcels become their classic Jurassien expression of Vin Jaune, resting sous-voile for at least seven years, with salty lemon minerality and curry spice. Traditional in their winemaking, they do farm organically without the use of pesticides or herbicides, and always ferment with native yeast. Their Savagnins are typically aged for up to 2 years without topping up, and their Vin Jaune is aged sous-voile for at least the minimum 6 years and 3 months, usually 7 years before bottling.

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