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Chateau Moulin de Tricot Margaux 2019

Chateau Moulin de Tricot Margaux 2019

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Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Final Vintage from the Producer

Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon (at least three-fourths of the cuvée), this wine has a distinguished structure and complex flavors that beg for additional aging in the bottle. The elevage in barrel extends for eighteen months at which point the wine is bottled without filtration. 

Moulin de Tricot, a teeny-tiny Chateau in Margaux, has been around for centuries and the family just refuses to sell out to the bigger châteaux. They keep their local traditions alive, making Bordeaux that doesn't cater to the ever-changing fashions. 

They work by hand, planting their vines much too close for tractors, in the ancient way. Keeping the vines so closely packed isn't just a way of pre-committing to hand-harvesting, it’s also a traditional way of controlling each vines’ yields. These lower yields make for naturally concentrated flavors, without any sort of technical interventions in the cellar. Intense, terroir driven goodness!

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