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Vallee Moray 2020 Blanc 'A mi Chemin'

Vallee Moray 2020 Blanc 'A mi Chemin'

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Chenin Blanc (80%) and Sauvignon (20%)

Loire Valley, France

This wine usually undergoes a two-month maceration on skins (fully destemmed) and is sparingly punched down, pressed, then aged in old oak barrels. Though the Chenin Blanc wines are glorious, Hervé claims with a smile, “A Mi Chemin is my wine.” It’s more gourmand than the other wines, with floating tea notes, dried citrus, stone fruit skin and dried flowers as opposed to fleshy fruit notes—which is to be expected with orange wines. It, like many other orange wines, is a wine for all occasions, with great versatility when it comes to chosen fare.

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