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Tiago Teles Raiz Branco 2021

Tiago Teles Raiz Branco 2021

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100% Loureiro
Barraida, Portugal

Orange wine Skin Contact Natural, Organic and Vegan.
Tiago Teles Raiz Branco is a single-variety Loureiro orange wine produced by the Tiago Teles winery in the Vinho de Portugal denomination in Bairrada, Portugal.

Although Tiago Teles does not come from a family of winegrowers, a love for wine, the land and the sea runs through his veins. In 2012 he was finally able to rent a vineyard lying 15 km away from the Atlantic in Bairrada, where his father is from.

He works to convey through his wines all the characteristics brought by the sea, the clay-calcareous soils in his plots and the expression of the local varieties that he cultivates with love and minimal intervention, following the principles of organic agriculture.

To make the Tiago Teles Raiz Branco wine, the must spends about two months in cement tanks macerating with its skins and ferments with its own yeasts. The resulting wine ages for eleven months on its fine lees.

The skin contact gives the wine a soft tannin and a light spice that sit perfectly alongside the character that the Atlantic brings.
Tiago Teles Raiz Branco is an orange wine with citrus and white fruit aromas on the nose as well as spicy, floral and herbal notes. On the palate it is profiled, with a light texture provided by its smooth tannins. A balanced orange wine with a delicious finish.
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