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Santiago 2021 Sou Tinto

Santiago 2021 Sou Tinto

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In Portuguese, Sou translates to “I Am.”, which perhaps reflects the poise this wine exhibits.

There is more to the story.... The Sou wines are a joint project with Santiago (S) Nuno Mira do Ó (O) and rock & roll (think U-shaped hand gesture seen in the front row). They are both, authentic and rebellious. What began as a casual late-night conversation in a crowded bar, turned into a spirited partnership offering Nuno (who is always combing Portugal for the old clones of indigenous varietals).

Precision, elegance, purity does not often describe Rock & Roll, but the entire project is infused with energy and pleasure. The wines would not be so good without these two talents (and maybe too much tequila in that bar!).

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