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Old World Winery 2022 "Bloom"

Old World Winery 2022 "Bloom"

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Abouriou, Zinfandel, Pinotage, Point Noir
(above in order of greatest to least amount in blend)


Bloom is a chillable red made from different grapes every year. Lovely, light chill-able red from Darek Towbridge - genuinely the most adventurous grape farmer in Sonoma!

Old World Winery is a small, family owned and operated winery. Using grapes from our 100 year old, sustainable, and organic vineyards, we create “natural wines” that reflect our family history and the traditional winemaking (old world) practices in Sonoma County.

Pastoral winemaker and proprietor, Darek Trowbridge, has 20+ years of hands on experience in the art and science of vineyard management, grape production, and natural winemaking. His passion is inviting nature into his winemaking. His processes are simple and direct and eliminates the need for any manufactured (man made) chemicals. This process involves effort and shepherding but not manipulation.

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