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Miles Garrett Sangiovese 2019

Miles Garrett Sangiovese 2019

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100% Sangiovese

Humbolt County, CA 

Miles’s eponymous winery is a family run affair. Most of the year it's just him and his wife with a little help from his young daughter. His harvest crew is led by Johanne Rapine, a French lady who has been helping him since he started the winery. He is proud of the high wages he pays his seasonal workers and the accommodations he provided for them.

Willow Creek is located in Humboldt County, up against California’s Cascade range. The cool, alpine climate and steep, rugged terrain can make the cultivation of grapes a risky endeavor, but a few pioneering farmers have carved vineyards into the sparsely populated valleys. Miles is Dry-farmed, certified organic estate wine growing of own-rooted (not grafted) vines. Fermented with native yeasts, never filtered or fined and no sulfites added at any point.

Miles’s wines are natural wines that brilliantly display their incredible terroir. All of their wines are so clearly wine of place with juniper, sage and resin notes which makes sense considering Humboldt County's agriculture contribution. All his wines are streaked with acidity that alludes to their cold climate heritage. The whites are textural with a beautiful balance between fruit, flower, acid, herbs and mineral and the reds are filled with intense, ultraviolet fruit and floral notes; crunchy and lively.

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