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Amy Atwood

Margins 2022 Counoise

Margins 2022 Counoise

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100% Counoise

Santa Clara County, California

Ed Sattler planted his 2.7 acre backyard vineyard to Mourvèdre and Counoise in 2009 and has been intimately involved in farming it since the beginning. Over the last few years of organic conversion, he has invested in an in-row cultivator for weed management, built up the soil with seasonal cover crop, and completely upgraded the drip irrigation system. This hot, dry site in the foothills of the southern Santa Cruz Mountains--but not high enough in elevation to be considered part of the SCM AVA--has an intense diurnal swing, bringing cool temperatures every evening and lending to the preservation of acidity in the grapes. The Sattlers sold their property at the end of 2022, so sadly this is the last bottling of Counoise Margins will produce from this site.

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