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L'archetipo 2020 Litr8 Litrotto Bianco

L'archetipo 2020 Litr8 Litrotto Bianco

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Verdeca (50%), Falanghina (20%), Marchione (20%), Fiano (10%).

Puglia, Italy

Skin contact, Liter 

Soil composition: clay and loam soil, very rich of siliceous gravel and humus.
Vine training system: free standing espalier (controspalliera libera in Italian), from Rudolf Steiner’s book “The philosophy of freedom”.Vineyard area: 5 hectares cultivated according to the criteria of Sy-nergistic Agriculture and ICEA Organic Farming.
Density of vines per hectare: 4’545 plants per ha.
Average age of vines: 22 years.Yield per hectare: 8 tons per ha.
Harvesting: hand-picking grapes, the end of September.
Alcohol by volume: 12,5% vol.

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