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Amy Atwood

Florez Wines Polius Pinard Field Blend 2022

Florez Wines Polius Pinard Field Blend 2022

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Grenache, Muscat, Mourvèdre, Viognier

Cienega Valley, California

Winemaker’s note: “In 2022 I wanted to keep Poilu’s Pinard going so I chose to create it from a few experimental rows at Gimelli vineyard. Each row was too small to make a single wine out of, so the inspiration was to make a co-ferment. Loosely Languedoc-Rousillon inspired with the Grenache, Muscat, and Mourvèdre.

Pinard is French slang for wine, which originated from the WWI rationed wine that the French infantrymen loved so much. The infantryman also had a slang name which is ‘poilu’ or ‘the hairy one’, as they typically were rustic countrymen sporting bushy mustaches or beards.”

Vineyard: Gimelli, decomposed granite and limestone

Making of: All varieties were harvested together in the early morning, destemmed at the winery immediately after, and sent to a stainless steel tank for co-fermentation. A combination of pump-overs and punch-downs were used to keep the native fermentation happy, and 2 weeks later the fruit was then pressed at dryness. The wine was rested in neutral French oak for 6 months on the lees. Unfined, unfiltered, with no added sulfites.  

Personality: A translucent reddish pink color. A lifted and heady nose of orange blossom, rose and mandarin. Medium bodied with an aromatic palate. Serve with a slight chill and enjoy.

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