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Domaine Les Aricoques, Pan! Le Rouze 2022

Domaine Les Aricoques, Pan! Le Rouze 2022

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100% Gamay

Savoie, France

Le Rouze is entirely Gamay, with a focus on the freshness of the grape. Coming from the same poor soils, already Gamay here takes on a beautifully, compact, complex flavor of red fruit and spice, but the grapes see very little extraction before their fermenting in egg-shaped vats. There are some whole clusters maintained, which provide that lifted, delicate spice aromatically. The color may more closely resemble a rosé, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's anything less than seriously delicious.


SOIL | Moraine

VINE AGE | 50 year old vines

FERMENTATION | 60-70% De-stemmed

AGING | 6 months concrete eggs


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