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Domaine Bonnet Huteau 2022 Tougri

Domaine Bonnet Huteau 2022 Tougri

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Sauvignon Gris, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay

Sèvre et Maine, Muscadet, France

Tougri - a play on words of 'tous gris', meaning 'all grey'.

Producing Muscadet for more than 150 years on the site of a medieval residence which was at the origin of the commune of Chapelle-Heulin, Domaine Bonnet-Huteau is located right in the heart of the Sèvre et Maine appellation.

Today Jean-Jacques Bonnet and Vincent Pineau are highly dedicated towards developing wines from this region that are full of flavour, trying (and succeeding) to shift opinion away from the dated view that Muscadet can be slightly generic. The end result is the creation of wines reflecting the best quality and minerality of each terroir. Their vine-growing also very much respects both soil and nature, leading to the domain being certified organic and biodynamic.

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