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Sylvester Rovine

Controvento 2021 Beverone 1L

Controvento 2021 Beverone 1L

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Abruzzo, Italy



Meaning "upwind" in Italian, Controvento is a 5-hectare vineyard in the Rocca San Giovanni region of Abruzzo just kilometers off the Adriatic Sea. Enzo's farm, situated partially in a valley with the backdrop of the beautiful Adriatic in the distance, is a completely biological organically-run vineyard. Vines growing seven varietals all on calcareous soil are cooled by the salty sea breeze. The vines are fertilized with only winter green manure and are primed under the falling moon. Zero chemicals of any kind are ever used. Enzo's philosophy of winemaking is strict, allowing the grape to flourish in each and every bottle. Enzo once told me on a visit to the Cantina that he wanted to make wines like his grandfather did, in the purest possible form. Enzo never fines, clarifies, filters, or uses and So2 and always allows for spontaneous fermentation.

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