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Bodrog Bormühely Dry Tokaj 2022

Bodrog Bormühely Dry Tokaj 2022

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Furmint 70%, Hárslevelű 30%

Tokaj, Hungary

 Cool Continental
 Volcanic rhyolite with a heavy layer of nyirok (red clay)
 Stainless steel

This wine is barrel fermented, often has some degree of botrytis and extended maceration, spends at least 6 months on the lees in barrel. This Dry Tokaj represents something new. In 2017 the Halas vineyard was largely destroyed by hail and what was left went to their Aszú production. We had room for something else and Krisztián proposed we try their new all stainless steel Dry Tokaj. It’s difficult to find an organically farmed value driven dry Furmint that isn’t then overworked and or made according to a consistent recipe in the cellar. This still has the Bodrog signature although nothing like their single vineyard offerings. 30% Hárslevelu and 70% Furmint, it as the name suggests is a dry, low alcohol, fresh and great place to get people onto the Furmint train.

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