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Aldo Viola Brutto Vino Frizzante Bianco 2021

Aldo Viola Brutto Vino Frizzante Bianco 2021

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100% Cattaratto 

Sicily, Italy

Secondary fermentation happens in the bottle to create the Frizzante. Very bright, crisp, mineraly aromas of yellow apple, pear, citrus and yeasty. A refreshing wine in the glass with clean fruit flavors and crisp finish

The "Brutto" by Aldo Viola is a sparkling wine that comes from grapes of Catarratto with the method of fermentation in the bottle. The grapes come from vineyards situated at about 400 meters altitude and cultivated without the use of any chemical or synthetic substance. Manual and selected harvest, followed by crushing and spontaneous fermentation in steel. Subsequently the wine is bottled with must from the same wine. With the first warm springs the refermentation is triggered with the formation of bubbles. Aldo Viola's "Brutto" is a wine with a beautiful freshness and minerality, with a velvety bubble that fills the palate. Soothing and juicy, it is a wine to spend on fish preparations.

About the winemaker

The company of Aldo Viola is located near Alcamo in the province of Trapani. Aldo comes from a family that has at least four generations a real passion for wine production. The company has developed according to 3 development hubs; Excellence, tradition and eco-sustainability along with a philosophy that is the typicalization of wines coming exclusively from property grapes, Grillo, Catarratto, Nerello Mascalese, Syrah and Perricone varieties. Aldo cares first and foremost all the processes from vinification to the bottling of the approximately 10000 bottles that each year produces in an artisanal and natural way. Vineyard cultivation techniques have always been organic with some concepts of biodynamics, but only in 2013 has been certified bio. Not all grapes are harvested but only 20% have the privilege to enter Aldo wines, wines that have a strong territorial identity

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