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2020 Lauer Sekt

2020 Lauer Sekt

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100% Riesling

Mosel, Germany

Saar is arguably one of the greatest, most unique wine-growing regions on earth. The core of greatness in the Saar is intensity without weight, grandiosity without size. Frank Schoonmaker put it best in his 1956 tome The Wines of Germany: “In these great and exceedingly rare wines of the Saar, there is a combination of qualities which I can perhaps best describe as indescribable – austerity coupled with delicacy and extreme finesse, an incomparable bouquet, a clean, very attractive hardness tempered by a wealth of fruit and flavor which is overwhelming.”

Méthode champenoise Riesling from the Saar legend Peter Lauer is anything but your ordinary Sekt. This dry sparkling white comes from 20+ year-old vines, and possesses intense concentration and deep minerality.

The sparkling wines from Lauer mature in dark-vaulted rooms for about 14 to 20 months before they are disgorged.

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